After finishing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I had a feeling that I knew enough to build small projects and get started in the industry. I did a few Interviews with large enterprise software companies in India and had a feeling that they were looking for someone to train and “assign” a role. (I could not get any interviews with big tech companies) and I did not really like the idea of being assigned something. I had a feeling that I would fare better in an environment where I am hired for a specific subdomain (Say Web Design although I suck at it!) I would be able to learn and grow on the job.

An undergrad in tier-2 University in India, some personal projects and coding competitions left me feeling I don’t know much about computer science or its applications. There is a lot more to learn and explore. (Maybe I am lazy to start working? Highly probable ;) ) I started looking for a grad school that would offer course-based masters where I could take a few advanced courses in Computer Science. I looked around and applied for many universities in the US, Canada, Australia, UK. Admission to these schools is competitive, so I decided to take a year off, move back in with my parents ( I know it’s not fun! ) and apply for grad school. Looking back, It was a gamble, and I would be in big trouble if it did not pay off. The fact is that a year off (A gap year as its know in companies in India) is not a good thing on your resume, and it’s something a lot of Hiring Managers and Recruiters frown upon. I personally don’t understand the frowning. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you have to take time off. (As long as you don’t idle time away) I hope that the culture around off time changes, and we encourage people to take risks. More on that some other day.

After many rejections, I got admission offers from 1 University in the US and 1 in Canada and a couple in Australia. I ended up choosing the Computer Science Program at [Western University][] in Canada, although I never planned on studying or working in Canada. The only reason was it was the most affordable option. So no, I don’t have a Maple dream ;). I am just excited to live in a different country that’s not my home and learn about their culture, food, language, education system etc.

I am excited to see what Canada has in store for me. Let’s see where destiny takes me. :)