Working with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers - Reading.

Learn Perl and deal with legacy Perl code.

  1. Introduction to Perl
  2. Detailed Perl 5 Training
  3. Perl Beginner curated list
  4. Perl Medic - Dealing with legacy Perl code
  5. Legacy Perl Code Notes - Presentation 1 by Erik Rantaap and Presentation 2 by Peter Scott
  6. A youtube video on dealing legacy Perl Code

Learn PHP and deal with legacy PHP Code

  1. Learn the Basics of PHP
  2. Using Vagrant PHP Box to experiment and learn

Bash Scripts and Linux Command line

  1. Bash Track on Excerism
  2. Regular expressions Tutorial
  3. Redhat Developer Cheat Sheets - Check Linux Cheat Sheets

Other Practices and Studies

  1. Strangulation Strategy to Modernize Legacy Code
  2. Legacy Rehab Page
  3. Things You Should never do by Joel
  4. Rewrite